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3 in 1 Ear Bud, Ear Phone Cleaning Pen – Metal Tip, Microfiber Brush, Roller – 5015 – BULKMART

Original price was: ₹70.00.Current price is: ₹63.00.
The Air, pod Cleaner Can Clean The Entire Set Of Bluetooth Earbuds, From The Small Hole Of The Earplug To The Charging Compartment. 360-degree Cleaning Without Dead Ends. Pen Nib Clean The Stubborn Dust, Hair Brush Clean Earbuds Outlet, Flocking Sponge Clean The Bluetooth Earbuds Case. Metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust, thoroughly clean the gap. High-density Brush: Easily clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone and other parts

Data, Charging Cable Organizer, Rollable Handy Box , Cable Travel Organizer – 5009 – BULKMART

Original price was: ₹32.00.Current price is: ₹24.00.
This cable storage case is made of plastic material, which is durable and not easy to be broken, you can use it for a long time. This kind of cable storage box is convenient for you to store your cables by rotating, keeping your bag and table in order. Also, this kind of cable case could be used as a phone holder when watching TV, making your life more convenient and easier.

Pack of 10 – Desktop Cable Organizer, Cable Holder (Mix Sizes), Self Adhesive – 5006 – BULKMART

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Good For All Surfaces & Easy To Remove cable clip manages wires and cables and secures them to a fixed point on a surface, like a wall, ceiling or floor. It occupies very little space and doesn’t need to be glued on the surface. And thanks to the acrylic adhesive pad, it's possible for you to remove it without without creating a hole or damaging it in another way, also no residue left behind. Easy installation- Self-adhesive back makes it super easy to use. Attach to desk, wall, table, etc. When not in use can be removed easily and will not damage your furniture. if there is any issue.

Pack of 20 – Cable Holding Clips, Wire Manager, Cord Holder – Self Adhesive – 5008 – BULKMART

Original price was: ₹45.00.Current price is: ₹40.00.
Use our strong double sided self adhesive sticky pads, No need to drill, Easy to remove, will not leave any residue, will not damage the surface. Please keep the surface clean and dry when using it to ensure maximum adhesion.

Pack of 4 – Spiral Shape Cable Protector for Mobile, Laptop Charging Cable – 5007 – BULKMART

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Cord protector used as phone charger cable protector earphone saver to completely protect cables for most devices, Prevent cable ends from breaking or detaching again, even better, the cable protector looks cool. Soft phone cable protector snugly wraps around the wire providing complete protection around the clock, compatible with Cell phones, Computers, Laptops, Lightning cables, PC’s providing the perfect fit regardless of the type of cable.