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Silicon Gloves for Pet Cleaning, Massaging, Grooming, Bathing – Dogs, Cats – 3901 – BULKMART

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This is Silicone made Hand Band or Hand Gloves Bath brush for pet. Easy to wear, Easy to wash. This Brush is Skin Friendly &  Free from any material which can harm your pet's Skin. Your pet will love the gentle massage given by this soft Hand Band Pet Brush. Bristles are very soft that You can give bath or massage to your pet. Perfect for Long, Curly or short haired for pet that grooming your pet softly, gently and effectively. This glove makes Work easy and peel extra Hair from body from pet.

Silicon Pet Massager, Bathing, Cleaning, Combing, Grooming Brush for Dogs – 3900 – BULKMART

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Silicon Hand Band Brush Specially designed for Your Pets. This Brush is made of Silicon and the bristle of Brush is very soft. Easy to clean Easy to wash. These Hand Band Pet Brush Can be Used For Regular Massage As your pet will love the massage. You can use these hand brush to wash your pet while giving bath. Waterproof Pet brush can be used for Dry as well Wet Fur. This Brush is Ideal for Remove Dust, Hair etc. This is Perfect Brush for any size of Pet.